Elected officials and Staff

The Mayor and Council  are your representatives for effective city management. We strive to restore integrity to local government, encourage economic development, and promote a high quality of life in our community. Please contact anyone of us with questions or concerns.


The Mayor of Lapwai is an elected position with a four year term. The Mayor chairs all meetings of the City Council, voting only in the case of a tie. The Mayor also supervises employees and oversees the City’s departments.

Mayor Ruth McConville

No image avialableMayor McConville was relected to the office of Mayor in November 2017. Mayor McConville’s term of office expires in November of 2021.





The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining concise, manageable records of the City, in addition to monthly and annual financial reports and payroll. The City Clerk’s office issues City Licenses, responds to complaints and public record requests. The City Clerk attends all sessions of the City Council and records the minutes of the meetings.


Phone: 208.843.2212   Extension 2
Email: clerk@cityoflapwai.com

DEPUTY CLERK – Jon McConville

Assists City Clerk with office administration and record duties, as well as billing payments and collections.



Phone: 208.843.2212   Extension 1

Public Works Director –Joseph Guzman,  
Responsible for maintenance of the City’s streets, park, and equipment. Water, sanitation, and sewer are also part of the responsibilities.



Phone: 208.816.8127  Extension 3
Cell: 208.553.0938  |  Email: publicworks@cityoflapwai.com.




The four members of the City Council hold budget and policy-setting authority for the City. They meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30pm at City Hall; located at 315 S Main St. The meetings are open to the public and local citizens are  encouraged to come to the meetings.

Councilman Jim Mahuron
Mr. Mahuron was reelected November 2017 to a four year term. His term ends in November of 2019.


Email: jimahuron@cityoflapwai.com

Councilwoman Julie Seely
Mrs. Seely was reelected in November of 2017 to a four year term. Her term ends in November of 2021.


Email: julieseely@cityoflapwai.com


Councilman Antonio Smith 
Mr. Smith was appointed in November 2017, His term ends in November of 2019.


Email: AntonioSmith@cityoflapwai.com

No image avialable

Councilwoman Joni Williams
Ms Williams was relected in November of 2017 to a four year term. Her term ends in November of 2021.


Email: Joniwilliams@cityoflapwai.com